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How can you do a better job of engaging your people and increasing profitability?


On average, 70% of all employees are not actively engaged. Experts are designing and executing highly focused employee engagement solutions.


A competency and skills map, based on a common framework, should be used to identify important competencies (such as communication and teamwork) and skills (which are more unique to a position) for all or a category of people (by category of competence).


A systematic training program should not only exist in theory, but it should also include the following elements:

  • Newcomer orientation
  • E-learning in general and technical skills in particular
  • Trainings in the classroom (either external or internal)
  • Specific training for consumers, markets, or products/services, which may include visits to customers or key internal sites

Cultivate common values:

Values for the organisation should be clearly established, and employees should be included in the process if possible. They need to be shared and lived out.

Values compliance, for example, can become a part of an individual’s performance evaluation, and it can have a significant impact on the final score and awards they receive.

By making employees part of the common values and company’s visions, you will be surrounded by engaged and responsible workers.


Engaged employees also generate greater customer engagement. Happy customers mean more business. They will play a more significant role in satisfying your customers, retaining business, and lowering your operating costs.

You will have people working with passion and inspiration, so they will offer innovation and reliability.

  • According to statistics, engaged employees are 87% more likely to remain with the company, dramatically reducing your turnover rate and associated costs.


In the end, engaged employees feel a profound connection with your company, its vision, and your goals. How quickly and thoroughly your employees meet company goals depends greatly on their level of engagement.

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