Business operations become seamless when a team works on a project without requiring a manager to assign tasks to individual members.


But are self-organizing agile teams realistic? Isn’t it too optimistic to think that team members with no guidance, training, or interest in collaborations will come together to operate smoothly?


Self-organizing teams are often touted in agile circles, but they seem to operate more smoothly in theory than in reality. Here are some challenges faced by self-organizing teams.


  • Ineffective communication: The very idea of a self-organizing team is based on effective communication, and if the channels for effective communication are missing, the whole concept collapses.


  • Absence of leadership accountability: Unlike a team working under a leader, no individual is accountable for the failures in any specific parts of projects. It can lead to cross-blaming for losses, leading to a toxic workplace environment.


  • Different personality traits: Every team consists of people with varied personality traits, and many people can’t get along without someone managing the differences as a leader within the group.


Given vast challenges, building a self-organized team requires a perfect blend of certain traits. Key characteristics that can help develop self-organizing teams are teamwork, collaboration, respect, and trust.


Without proper training, coaching, and mentoring, you can establish self-organizing teams that can automate many business tasks for you.


What is your take on self-organizing agile teams, and how can they shape business operations in the coming years?


Let’s discuss this in the comments.


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