Our Agile Coaches support you as enabler for your transformation:

Flexible, people-centered, dynamic and with sound know-how.

Effective and interactive knowledge transfer is one of the key resources missing in most of organisations’ transformations. Learn how to communicate effectively now.

Why us?

We bring progress to our clients with their own strengths.

The complexity of development projects makes it impossible to plan them in their entirety. As a result, requirements and solutions will be created gradually as intermediate outcomes are obtained. Organisations believe they are future-ready simply because agility is their operational foundation. As a result, many businesses are attempting to incorporate corresponding changes into their processes. However, these organisations rarely succeed in thoroughly transforming themselves on their own, resulting in transformation efforts that fail tragically.

Our passion is to assist businesses in this situation and help them reach the next level of success. Our experience working with a variety of firms in a variety of industries has revealed that projects follow quite similar patterns at many instances.

Who is nimblecon?

A truly value-based company.

Nimblecon is a new firm that focuses solely on Agile Coaching. With the support of a broad yet concentrated body of knowledge, we make it our business to change organisations and their people participating from the inside out. We are value-driven and strive to achieve a goal in everything we do.

When defining the term Agile Coach, there are various ideas. This makes it difficult to define it precisely. In any case, this is something to keep in mind when looking for an Agile Coach. As a result, it is critical, particularly in the field of training, to debate what exactly is meant and, at the very least, to agree on the following definition: An Agile Coach combines the skills of a trainer and a systematic coach, as well as other roles such as facilitator, organisational developer, and mentor.

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How do we do what we do?

We embrace change by fully discovering the individual situation of our clients.

How can we help you?

We focus on your change in culture and mindset.

One of our core beliefs is: “no organisational change without a culture-change”. This is because the values and principles that govern cooperation, rather than procedures or frameworks, are at the heart of any transformation. This is because every single one of the well-known and much-vaunted agile approaches was created by applying these values and principles consistently to a particular business case.

Unfortunately, agile changes generally begin with the values and principles rather than the methodologies and techniques. Any approach, no matter how trendy, can only be implemented successfully by an organisation, if it adheres to the same agile ideals and principles as the method. If this is not the case, the application will not only be ineffective, but may even cause injury in the worst-case scenario.

The ideals and principles that guide an organisation’s operations are embedded in its culture, which determines behavior and guides decisions silently. When we talk about long-term agile transformation, we’re also talking about culture change. So, rather than Post-Its, squads, sprints, and hackathons, values and principles, as well as a critical examination of one’s own culture, are at the heart of agility.

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